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So many DJ's claim to be the best. But yet time and time again, all we hear is that the club DJ, wasn't the best. Granted there are some great DJ's out there. But what we do know is, we definitely have all it takes to compete with the best and be one of the best! 

Whether it's House, EDM, or country dance night at your local Club, we got that down very well! We can mix videos, remix top 40, and spin any song, all live! (Listen here)

Equipment, we have that covered too! Professional Audio used in the clubs today, all updated and professional concert sound with over 8,000 watts of sound at a minimum! Already have the equipment, we have the DJ's with professional gear to plug into your system and hit the beats! All new, crystal clear HD professional audio from brands that are in the clubs every day.

Pricing is simple, We've done contracts, we've done without them. Contracts guarantee services every night! Prices range from $150 to $495 depending upon if equipment and/or lighting is needed. 

We are not opposed to doing a trial night at NO cost to your venue. Call us today to make all this happen and get pricing for your venue! 763-438-7146