DJ DJsound Productions Minneapolis nightclub DJs

Out talented DJs have a vast knowledge in just about every music type! Able to Mix your required music Genera on the fly and be able to read the crowd to ensure selections are chosen. From EDM to Country, HQ MP3s to video, it all can be done! 

Our DJ's have many talents. However, when it comes to certain types of events in Minnesota, some DJ's don't cut it. We keep our special specific Wedding DJ's with our wedding customers, and our hardcore Club and dance DJ's in the clubs, bars, and private parties. However, in some situations, they can cross over. It just depends upon your venue and the customer base. Our DJ's are amazing at what they do. DJ Mike W uses nothing but Vinyl and his computer system, DJ Cru (Lucas) uses his turntables making beats as he goes to make songs that weren't played last week. 

Ok, time to name DROP! Our DJ's have had appearances for and/or performances with people like Ice Cube, Alicia Keys, Tiger Woods, Jenny McCarthy, The Beach Boys, Cher Among many other stars and national recording artists. We have more coming up in the near future as well! 

We bring the talent and the DJ uniqueness that no other DJ has. That's what makes us stand out from the rest. Give us a call or contact us and see what we can do for you!