Minneapolis nightclub DJs. Professional mixing and remix DJs for EDM, House dance music. DJ Sound Productions

People dancing and staying at your Club is the most important, and as equal, an awesome DJ! We provide DJs that can make this happen! Mixing is only part of it! Live beats, remixes, mash-ups, from EDM to dance country, we can do it all! Our Club DJ's have what it takes to keep a crowd moving all night and keep it fresh and interesting with new material all the time! Want a DJ with HD video mixing it live? We have that! Video is a proven bonus for many venues.

Whether it's your sound system or ours, our DJ's know how to make a dance floor come alive! Don't have equipment? NO Problem! We have some of the leading edge technology in professional sound equipment and can provide that for your venue as well! Our units/mixers already have the Auto Analog Summing so our DJ's can already be summed out so you don't have less to worry about!

Our lighting is also leading edge! We have Lasers, fog, LED, LED , & LED strobe. But the best thing is we have options to plug directly into your club system using USB or Ethernet using timecodes from each song to activate the correct lighting! This is also used for our video as well. We can run StageLink to activate lighting, strobes, pyrotechnics, video, and a multitude of other functions. 

Our DJ's aren't a "Press Play" from a single computer system. They have honed the skills needed to use instruments to mix, remix, cut, and make music live. They don't load a playlist and let it roll, although we can produce those too. 

Check out our DJS PAGE HERE and read about our talent!

DJ Cru Featured at College night in Downtown Minneapolis MN

Clubs we've performed at (Past & Current)

Clubs performed at:
Escape Ultra Lounge Smalley's 87 Club (on 1st Ave, Minneapolis)
First Avenue Nightclub The Lounge
Club Babalu The Quest Nightclub
Visage Club Foundation
Macalester College Energy Lounge(Winnipeg, MB)
St. Cloud State College Red Sea
North Hennepin Community College Element NightClub
Foshay Tower Manny's Lounge & NightClub