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From Theme nights, to Ladies Night, we have awesome bar music and DJ/MC services, we can help make your DJ night extremely profitable! We also offer amateur and professional karaoke services. With Profit margins so tight for local bars, we can help you find an affordable solution for high-end entertainment and sound to keep that cash flow rolling in! We have over a million songs in our song database and over 55,000 Karaoke songs to please even the hardest of patrons. We do promotions and advertisements (some paid and some included) to help bring in the maximum number of guests possible!

Need a Video DJ? We have DJ's with all the newest music videos. Our DJs mix the videos as well so that they are not just played back to back, crossfaded. 

Bar pricing is adjusted for contract lengths as well. We can do a week-by-week, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual. Billing is also available for contracted venues. 

Our experience? With over 20 years in the industry and dozens of bars that we've served over the past two decades, we have been there to see what it takes to get customers to return and give their best ratings of your establishment. 

Why a Contract? It guarantees you your dates/weekends with us. It guarantees you pricing, equipment availability, DJ availability among many other things that aren't guaranteed in writing. Even without a contract, our 5-star services, HD crystal clear music, and experienced award winning DJ's talent always come standard. 

Sure you can always get that single, garage DJ. Hiring an actual company that is host to many different talents and performers, is the key to success. When you hire one guy and he decides not to come in on that extremely important Saturday night, your left scrambling for another DJ and in the end, paying three times as much or you have to go without. By hiring a DJ company, we take on that responsibility. 

Call us to see how we can help your establishment today! 763-438-7146



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